KYINE SUPU! Doreen Kabareebe Shows Off Tattoo On Her Kabina, Leaves Hyenas Salivating | PHOTOS

Doreen kabareebe

Doreen kabareebe

Model and socialite, Doreen kabareebe has showed off her new Buddha tattoo on her Kabina leaving city hyenas salivating.

As Kabuura said ‘Kyine Supu’, Kabareebe must be having soup. Her new tattoo has marketed her among hyenas who are addicted to harvesting socialites.

During her stay in Dubai last December, Kabareebe decided to check on her buddies she left there and visited a tattoer, Rob Stardon for an art piece.

Doreen kabareebe

During her design, Kabareebe made sure she marketed herself and believe me showed off her soft kabina to whoever wanted to see.


Kabareebe got the tattoo on the same spot Sheilah Gashumba placed her AK47 art piece.

Kabareebe was supposed to represent Uganda and East Africa at the Ms World International beauty pageant in August 2021 in Miami, USA but Covid messed up the event.

With her new tattoo, she will never get such a chance again, But she can keep modeling.

Apart from modeling, Doreen Kabareebe runs ‘Kabareebe Models 4 Charity’ – a Non-governmental organisation (NGO), which aims at helping all people in Uganda, equip women with skills to fight poverty, help orphans and children coming from poor families attend school, among other activities.

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