Kisoro Babe Eaten To Pieces On Roadside Arrested, Identified

November 3, 2021
Colodine Muhawenimana Mukamulenzi

Colodine Muhawenimana Mukamulenzi

Today morning a video of unidentified chap chewing babe on roadside to pieces in Kisoro town as onlookers cheered on leaked on social media.

The chap showed pure stamina and cared about nobody as he enjoyed ‘kabuzi’ on the street during broad daylight.

The babe held onto a bicycle as the impatient brave guy enjoyed raw beans.

As the video went viral, authorities in Kisoro started the hunt to apprehend the unruly chaps and as we speak, the lady has been arrested according to 91.1 Kisoro FM.

The babe has been identified as Muhawenimana Colodine Mukamulenzi aged 24 years of Rwandan origin.

Arrested: Muhawenimana Colodine Mukamulenzi

We have been told that the brave guy who showed town stamina is still on the run with his bicycle.

We hope the bicycle won’t be impounded as evidence.

Kisoro babe arrested.