King Saha In Nasty Fight Over Land

June 30, 2022
King Saha

King Saha

Singer and UMA presidential candidate, Mansour Ssemanda aka King Saha is in bitter fight with his neighbour over land.

King Saha bought land in Katalemwa village, Nakawuka-Wakiso district and built a mansion which he plans to occupy before this year ends.

King Saha's mansion in Nakawuka
King Saha’s mansion in Nakawuka

Saha who was renting in Makindye, shifted to Nakawuka during Covid-19 lockdown in bid to save money on rent. He moved in a boys quarter as he put final touches on his mansion.

The land Saha bought is off the main road. To reach there, there are few meters.

Saha is currently experiencing difficulty to access his home after his neighbour decided to build in the middle of the access road.

King Saha mansion in a distance
King Saha mansion in a distance

Saha says he has been having issues with his neighbour since he moved that side.

I don’t know what my neighbor wants me to do now after constructing in the middle of the road that leads to my home. I have no where to pass at the moment. He has been bringing up issues for so many years

King Saha

In most developing areas in and around Kampala, there is poor planning. People buy plots of land and find they have no access roads.

King Saha is not the first artist to get involved in land wrangles. During lockdown, Kabako found himself at loggerheads with a lady known as Hajjati in Busabala.

The lady demolished Kabako’s structure claiming that the plot was hers. Kabako had bought the land from Team No Sleep (TNS) manager, Jeff Kiwa.

Saha is putting in lots of effort to win Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) presidential bid but faces strong challenge from incumbent, Cindy Sanyu.

The date for elections remain uncertain after Minister of Gender Labour and Social Development, Betty Amongi postponed the process until further notice.

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