King Michael Reveals What Really Happened To Son Before Death

July 8, 2024

Famous Ugandan singer King Michael has narrated what really happened to his son Eric before the accidental death over the weekend.

He said he was shocked because the person that told him about the accident said that the injuries were minor and he was getting much better everyday.

King Michael said that he is one of the people that puts life style away from family. When he gets home nothing matters to him and that’s why he switches off his phone to spend time with family.

His son Eric got an accident at night and people who tried to communicate to him couldn’t go through. He said he found different messages and missed calls from different people.

By the time he got to the hospital, his son was already dead and he couldn’t do anything about it. The doctors and nurses had tried everything they cii of our but the accident was very fatal.

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The news about Eric’s passing (King Michael’s son) came in as a shock to his family since medical personnel initially reported that the accident wasn’t fatal. Mourners arrive at Michael’s home to pay their respects.

King Michael said people have showed up to support him and his family. He said his son was into music and he was planning on officially introducing him to the music and people to help him out.

“My son got an accident on Saturday evening but I didn’t know the news immediately. I had got home and switched off my phone. They told me that he was okay but on getting to the hospital he was gone. He loved music I had planned to introduce him to the industry officially,”