Kenyan Goddess, Vera Sidika Gets New Bae After Breaking Up With Tanzanian Boyfriend

August 28, 2020

Vera and ex-boyfriend, Jimmy Chansa

Bootylicious socialite Vera Sidika is in love again. The Luhya bae revealed that she was seeing someone else barely a year after parting ways with her Tanzanian boyfriend Jimmy Chansa.

In a post she shared on her Insta stories, Sidika, who has not left the country since March, wrote, “Having a man that loves you, treats you right, smashes you damn good is a blessing. Love you bae”.

Her followers reacted to her post, with some wishing her all the best while others claimed she was single and only talking about an imaginary bae.

Vera hooked up with Chansa after she broke up with singer Otile Brown, after six months of dating. Many were convinced that she would end up marrying the Tanzanian doctor but they parted ways after seven months.

Vera and ex-boyfriend, Jimmy Chansa

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Asked why she broke up with Chansa, Sidika claimed that their relationship was “toxic”.

“I walked out of my relationship coz am not gonna stay in toxic one just to impress people like you. You can think whatever you like at the end of the day am the one who will face the bullshit so i will eliminate what’s not good for me. If you like say whatever, strangers on the internet will never let me tolerate bullshit from a man just to show the world that am still in relationship. Hell nah, i will always put myself first. On God!!”