KAWEDEMU! Don Zella In Trouble As Husband Weds Another White Woman

January 9, 2020

Socialite Don Zella could be headed for tough times after dad to her kids decided to marry another woman!

Don Zella who has three kids with the white hubby, now survives on children upkeep after marriage failed over the last two years.

It is rumoured that the white guy got fed up with Don Zella’s lavish life and he was seen with a Thai boy lover last year.

This time he has made it official with a white woman.

Don Zella with her pensioner

Don Zella is now in deep trouble after falling out with longtime manager, Kibedi Cox after jetting in for Christmas with no dime and asked him to borrow 20m.

Don Zella staked fake securities which landed Cox in trouble with the money lenders.

She was nabbed and slept in coolers in Jinja Road Police Post on January 3rd.