Kalifah Aganaga On Verge Of Losing His Small House

September 15, 2021
Kalifah Aganaga

Kalifah Aganaga

Ragga Dancehall artiste, Sadat Mukiibi aka Kalifah Aganaga is on the verge of losing his small house over the bank loan he acquired.

Aganaga acquired a loan with undisclosed bank and put his small unfinished house as collateral security.

In a phone conversation with the bank, the loans officer confirmed that Kalifah Aganaga borrowed money and has since failed to pay back. The loan period has expired and they have put his house up for sale.

Aganaga seated in front of his house

The loans officer described Aganaga as a stubborn person and revealed that every time they call him reminding him over payment, he tells them that Gen. Salim Saleh will pay the money.

The loans officer says he knows artistes are not working following the government’s ban on concerts but advised Aganaga to look for casual jobs on construction sites and pay back the loan before losing his house.

Most artistes are struggling financially since the government banned concerts in March 2020 and has no plans of opening them soon.

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