Kabako ‘Bedminton’ Skills Payoff, Finally Balloons Jazira Ddumuna | PICTURES

July 20, 2021
Jazira Ddumuna showing off baby bump

Jazira Ddumuna showing off baby bump

Team No Sleep singer, Yusuf Ssenabulya aka Kabako and Namuddu Jazira aka Jazira Ddumuna are expecting a child four months after their Nikah.

In April, Ddumuna introduced Kabako to her relatives in Mpigi and Nikah was performed meaning they are legally married. Weeks after successful Nikah, Kabako showed off his house under construction in his village – Ntolomwe Butambala.

Kabako and Jazira at their introduction ceremony

The pair found themselves having to unite forces in June to fight tooth and nail for their land which was on the verge of being grabbed by a local government leader in Busabala.

During the land battle, Kabako was over heard saying that his properties belong to him and his family meaning he already knew a hot seed was germinating inside Ddumuna’s womb.

Jazira Ddumuna showing off baby bump

On Tuesday, July 20th, Jazira Ddumuna shared photos of her baby bump showing how she is heavy with child.

Fans of the couple were quick to congratulate them upon their achievement and wished Ddumuna a safe pregnancy and delivery.

Routineblast.com wish you a safe pregnancy and delivery!