Kabaka celebrates 68th birthday in style (Photos)

April 13, 2023

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mwenda Mutebi the second has celebrated his 68th birthday in style.

The celebration were held in the palace Lubiri Mengo where a few invited guests and family members attended.

In Buganda, the Kabaka being the king is highly hournered especially by people he is leading. For Ronald Mwenda every year baganda celebrate him.

There is always Kabaka’s birthday run for every year for everyone to celebrate the Kabaka’s birthday.

But there is always that private one for his family and friends where they cut a cake and have fun with each other on the exact day the Kabaka was born.

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Here are the photos from from his 68th birthday celebration with few friends and family members.

It should be noted that Kabaka has been struggling with some diseases which were revealed to the world as allergies.

Ever since this year began, Kabaka appeared in public on Easter as he by passed one of the beaches to greet him people.

At the moment he looks very healthy without why diseases and living a happy life like the Kabaka he is.