Julie Mutesasira denies recruiting Ugandans to join the gay community

March 9, 2023

Former gospel musician Julie Mutesasira has denied ever recruiting fellow Ugandans to join the gay community.

Homesexuality is prohibited in African countries especially in Uganda. The gay and lesbians in Uganda don’t have any freedom at all.

Instead of staying in the country where they have no freedom, so many of them have freed the country to the Western countries were homesexuality is legal.

Julie Mutesasira being one of the gays decided to go to Canada after divorcing her husband. When she got to Canada she married the love of her life a fellow woman known as Lynette.

Yesterday Suzan Makula accused her of recruiting other Ugandans to join her.

Julie Mutesasira came on Facebook and responded to Suzan Makula saying she has never recruited any Uganda and she doesn’t look forward to recruiting any at one point.

Julie told Suzan Makula to stay in her lane of preaching the word of God and leave her life alone.

“Wabula Suzan makula ndi musilu nyabo😂😂 olimba Mukwano . I WONT SAY A WORD and by the way you got the name wrong it’s not Julie Mutesasira. AND AM NOT LOOKING FOR SUPPORT ST ANY POINT NEITHER AM I RECRUTING ANYBODY AS YOU THINK. This is my life and will always be my life. Preach Jesus, his love, faithfulness that’s all,” Julie Mutesasira said