Judith Heard On Why He Dumped Rich Husband To Live Humble Life

June 19, 2024

Fashion model and socialite Judith Heard has bragged about being the first Ugandan lady to drive the most expensive car at just the age of 19 years.

She said that she didn’t only drive an expensive car but also the cars she was driving had a personalised number plate.

Judith Heard got married at an early age and her husband was one of the most rich men in Uganda. He had successful businesses in that no lady could ever reject to be with him.

According to the socialite, when she was getting married she was only interested in how rich the ex husband was. The fact that he could give her everything that she needed she didn’t see any need of rejecting him.

The marriage later turned bitter and that is how she left it with three children as a single mother.

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“I am one of the people that drove an expensive car at a very early age. At 19 years I was married to the most rich man and he bought me expensive cars that had personalised number plates. Even rich people’s kids by then never had such expensive cars,” Judith Heard said

Beautiful socialite Judith Heard revealed that she changed her life and became more spiritual. She no longer sees the need to focus on material things when she can be happy without them.