Jose Chameleon hits at Bobi Wine for failing to attend Gwanga Mujje concert

March 16, 2023

Singer Joseph Mayanja also known as Jose Chameleon has hit at fellow singer now politician Bobi Wine for failing to attend his Gwanga Mujje concert.

Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleon are some of the artistes that have inspired the young generation to join the music industry.

After singing for than 20 years and still produce hit songs is something that is very rare.

Unfortunately when Bobi Wine joined politics, his relationship with Jose Chameleon slowly faded away because of the political differences.

Last month Jose Chameleon had a Concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval known as Gwanga Mujje and Bobi Wine didn’t show up.

Chameleon wasn’t happy about it because he expected him to show up and up to now he is still ranting saying people can really change.

Kipepewo hit maker said the concert worked well without Bobi Wine and he hopes he will also need him at some point and will show him how he can’t just turn up.

“We are old people and I believe everyone knows what they are doing and why they do some things. At Gwanga Mujje concert I expected Bobi Wine forsure but he didn’t show up. I can’t say anything I know one time he will need me and I will also not show up,” he said

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