JESUS! Kabojja Junior School Report Increased Love Relationships Among P7 Pupils

July 30, 2022
Kabojja Junior School

Kabojja Junior School

Kabojja Junior School, a prominent middle income school, has urged parents to instil discipline and morals in their children after the school reported a surge in boy/girl relationships among pupils of P7.

In a terse circular from the headteacher, Peter Edward Basembeza, to the parents of pupils in P7, the school blamed the vice on the prolonged Covid-19 lockdown during which pupils learnt vices from various sources.

“Of late, we are overwhelmed by the unprecedented levels of indiscipline that involve boy/girl relationships, commonly known as ‘crush’. These are destroying all the efforts we are making to ensure that they perform to their best,” the school said in the circular dated July 28, 2022.

The school said that some pupils are now regarding themselves as  “husbands” and “wives”, something that has affected their performance in school.

“….some of them are exchanging presents such as shoes, necklaces, bangles, bracelets etc. using your financial resources to cement their relationships without your knowledge?” the headteacher queried.

In one shocking case on Saturday 16th July, 2022, some pupils threw a party at Acacia Mall where they engaged in eye-brow raising behaviour.

The school said it is investigating the incident.

The school said the vices are largely abated and perpetrated by children who have access to smartphones and smart watches while at home.

It said many children access these smartphones in the name of playing games or making academic research.

The school cautioned parents against giving their children money after the pupils deceive them that teachers have asked for it

“It is this money which they use to seduce others or to buy goodies like sweets, bangles, bracelets, necklaces etc for their “suitors” or those they want to seduce,” the school warned.

The school warned that it will not hesitate to terminate any candidate any time who falls short
of their behavioural expectations even when they are candidates.

The school advised parents to:

  1. Withdraw all the smartphones, smart watches and laptops from those who still have them. These are items which must not be carried to school at any moment. They are highly forbidden!
  2. Limit or stop them from using your phones, their brothers, maids or other relatives phones. If they have to, make sure you are in the know of what is taking place.
  3. Stop taking them to parties or throwing them parties, which you do not fully supervise. This is one of the major causes of indiscipline affecting our children.
  4. Monitor what your child is carrying or having which you did not buy. Things like watches, necklaces, bangles, bracelets have caused a lot of trouble. You can also do impromptu spot checks on their bags or bedrooms. You may discover a lot!
  5. Talk to children about the dangers of such behaviour and acts to their academic performance.
  6. Do not allow them to discuss homework using phones. Some have formed WhatsApp groups in the name of doing homework which have ended up being used for spreading other unpalatable content.
  7. Sleepovers at their friends or relatives’ homes have also turned out to be sources of nasty stories. Stop them as much as possible.
  8. Pick your child early from school since most of the vices are conducted after classes in the name of staying to complete homework.
  9. Share with us any information that may be helpful in curbing any form of indiscipline. Relatedly, take the information we share about your child’s behaviour in good faith. Don’t just oppose or defend him/her. It may be timely information for you.
  10. Be in touch with teachers and get their contacts to call before issuing out any money to the pupils. Don’t give your child any money without a support document from school.
  11. Be in the know of your child’s friends and parents, and regularly share relevant information pertaining their friendship.