Jealous Lake Victoria Reclaim Bobi Wine’ One Love Beach | VIDEO

Bobi Wine counting loses at Lake Victoria encroaches on his property

Bobi Wine counting loses at Lake Victoria encroaches on his property

Bobi Wine is in tears! In April last year, many Ugandans lost properties after Lake Victoria waters increased in its volume and submerged the showers.

The likes of Hamis Kiggundu, Pastor Robert Kayanja who built on the showers said a player as water threatened to take over their expensive mansions.

Bobi Wine’s One Love beach – Busabala, Serena Hotel Kigo, Country Lake Resort Hotel – Garuga tasted the wrath of Lave Victoria as water flooded their properties.

As we speak, Bobi Wine is counting loses again after heavy rains caused flooding hence losing part of his land and some properties to Lake Victoria.

In a clip making rounds on social media, Bobi Wine kids; Shadraq Shilling Mbobo and Suubi Shine Nakaayi can be seen riding a squad bike at One Love Beach with the shores vividly submerged.

Waters submerging Bobi Wine’s property at One Love Beach – Busabala

The structures he had constructed on the shores are in water. The sand he had heaped on the shores, palm trees all reclaimed taken over by waters.

Since Bobi Wine purchased that land, he has lost almost 4 acres to Lake victoria and with water volumes raising he is set to lose more unless he invests in heavy concrete wall like Sudhir did at Speke Resort – Munyonyo.

Watch video below:

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