Jealous Authorities Disrupt Bedminton Match | Harvester: She Is My Sister | VIDEO

June 8, 2022
Authorities disrupt Bedminton match

Authorities disrupt Bedminton match

Some lad is still cursing after jealous authorities disrupted his bedminton match, losing his transport money in the process.

In a clip making rounds on social media, authorities were tipped off after neighbours witnessed a babe entering a rental.

Beaming with joy, the lad forgot to lock the door. After the authorities caught him the act, he defended himself claiming the babe was his sister.

On why he was shirtless, a sharp lad told authorities that the room was too hot and since he was from picking her, he decided to take off the shirt to cool off.

After interrogation, the lad revealed that the babe travelled all the way from Masaka to check on him.

From the look of things, he suffered a huge loss. The authorities ordered him to go to police and confirm if the babe in question was indeed his sister.