Jackie Chandiru Set To Release Music Album

December 22, 2020

Jackie Chandiru

Former Blu3 songstress, Jackie Chandiru is planning a mega music comeback with an album.

Since recovery from drug addiction, Chandiru has so far released two songs; ‘Quarantine’ and ‘The One’ featuring kenyan artiste, Arrow Bwoy.

In a Skype interview with NBS ‘UnCut’, Chandiru revealed that she is currently in studios recording her third song titled ‘With Me’ which will be released soon.

Jackie Chandiru looking so fresh

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“I’m currently in studio working on music. My new song ‘With Me’ is a single but then I’m putting up an album together”.

After winning the TV show Coca Cola Popstars, Jackie Chandiru, Lilian Mbabazi and Cinderella Sanyu formed Blu 3 in April 2004. Blu 3 means 3 Beautiful (or Black) Ladies from Uganda.

However, the group was dissolved and each member embarked on solo career.