It’s Not What It Is! Exclusive Info On Etania’s Sacking from NRG Radio

July 4, 2024

Mcee, deejay and television presenter Etania life of the party let the media talking days ago after the statement about being sacked from NRG radio made rounds on social media.

What was more surprising was the terms that were talked about in the statement.

She was told that she was being sacked because of her indiscipline and wasn’t allowed to work any station for a whole year.

People were wondering why she would sign a contract with such terms and conditions.

From our inside source, Etania is apparently  is on leave NRG wants to use her as a publicity stunt.

What Did She Really Do? NRG Radio Sack Etania Over Indiscipline

They told us that NRG  gave bloggers fake sacking letter to circulate it.

The only employee that left was DJ Alisha – she said she was tired of waking up early for work, since most of her gigs as a DJ are at night.

It should be noted that Etania has been building her brand for some time. She is apparently dating one of the biggest musicians in Uganda Joshua Baraka.

With her brand it’s not easy for a radio station or any other platform to let go of her.