Inconsiderate Chap Wires Babe In Dubai Bed Space, Leave Fellows Cursing | VIDEO

May 23, 2022
Bed Space in Dubai

Bed Space in Dubai

Life on Kyeyo is so interesting to chaps living in United Arab Emirates (UAE) especially in Dubai who rent bed spaces.

Due to high costs of living, most foreigners resort to renting bed spaces since they are the cheapest means of accommodation.

In bed spaces, occupants are required to show high level of humanity since people work in shifts and need to have enough rest.

However, there are unruly chaps who go against the rules and end up disorganizing others. In bed spaces it’s so inconsiderate to wire since it may disrupt occupants especially sleeping on the same deck.

In a video leaked on TikTok, one guy can be seen complaining as his fellow shook the deck while wiring the babe beyond repair.

He questioned why would he do such a thing to disrupt his sleep yet he knows he has a shift to prepare for.

Watch video: