I WILL LEAVE UGANDA IF HE WINS! Angry Eddy Kenzo Labels Bobi Wine A ‘Fool’ Accuses Him Of Sabotaging Big Artistes And Taking Himself As A Small god | LISTEN TO AUDIO

The rift between Big Talent CEO, Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo and People Power supremo, Bobi Wine is taking a nasty twist.

In October 2019, after almost two months in the US, Kenzo returned home and expected Bobi Wine to welcome him at the airport.

Unfortunately, the People Power supremo turned him down which annoyed Kenzo. In retaliation, Kenzo met president Museveni.

By that time, Kenzo had lost Rema in kandahar war against Dr. Hamza Sebunya and thought Bobi Wine would comfort him.

Since then the pair have been trading words in cold war until the ‘Sitya Loss’ hitmaker went public and accused the Ghetto Gladiator of hosting meetings to put him down.

Eddy Kenzo

In a call with Ireland-based People Power fanatic ‘Kojja Omugezi’, Eddy Kenzo labelled Bobi Wine a ‘fool’, accused him of sabotaging big artistes and taking himself as a ‘small god’.

Kenzo who sounded angry says he sent Bobi Wine a voice note and refused to reply him. Eddy Kenzo said Bobi Wine is on mission to destroy big artistes and remain superior.

Kenzo says Jose Chameleone, Ronald Mayinja, Geoffrey Lutaaya and wife went to People Power for endorsement but Bobi Wine ignored them and decided to post Kabako on his Facebook instead.

To Kenzo, Bobi Wine did that on purpose to stay as superior. Kenzo also questioned Bobi Wine’s leadership abilities by saying “If he can behave like that, what will happen if he become the president?”.

Kenzo labelled Bobi a ‘Musiru (fool)’ and vowed to leave Uganda if he wins the presidential seat.

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