I Didn’t Kill Their Kid, Ray G Betrayed Me, He Is Paying For My Tears – Liz Finally Speaks Out | AUDIO

December 22, 2021
Liz Akunda Namara, Ray and and Annabell

Liz Akunda Namara, Ray and and Annabell

Finally, Liz Akunda Namara has spoken out for the first time since her viral mean Facebook post after Ray G and Annabell lost their newly born baby girl went viral.

Liz said she will not rest until Ray G pays for wasting her time and money. She added that he will cry until he leaves this world.

Yesterday while doing Facebook live broadcast, Liz revealed that Annabell gave birth to immature baby and failed to raise money for the incubator.

In a leaked audio exchange with her friend, Liz distanced herself from the talk that she killed Ray G and Annanell’s child.

She says she made such a mean post because she is still hurt by the way Ray G betrayed her when she was home submissive waiting for the wedding.

In a painful voice, Liz revealed that she invested her time and money in Ray G, left her Kyeyo job to settle and start family, only to be disappointed.

Liz Akunda Namara

She disclosed that she used to enjoy festive seasons with Ray G’s family and had about eight of his relatives living with them in Mbarara town. Everybody knew her as Ray G’s wife.

Liz never knew about Annabell until when Ray G organised for her a birthday party and posted photos. In comments, Annabell wondered “This guy wants to marry me but he is posting another woman?”.

When Liz complained, Ray G called and told Annabell never to bother him again.

One day, Liz fell sick but Ray G sent his buddy to take her to the hospital. She says he was chilling at Annabell’s place and never checked on her.

Liz says that Annabell blackmailed Ray G with pregnancy and threatened to expose him. The guy had no option but to marry her.

What broke her heart was the fact that Ray G did an interview and said she was never in his life while she was home watching TV with his relatives.

Ray G and Annabell at their introduction

She says Ray G deceived her mum and prayed on their minds. He did an introduction without their knowledge.

Liz says she told told Ray G, “You have done this to me, I will pray for you”.

She says she had luck and supported him in everything without giving him stress.

“I left him with ‘Omusheshe’ but since i left, what has he added? he is doing collabos but no breakthrough”

Listen to the audio below: