How Zuena Starved Bebe Cool And Jammed To Send Him Dime

Bebe Cool and Zuena

Bebe Cool and Zuena

Besides being wives to artistes, Zuena and Barbie have another thing in common. They are businesswomen who know what their money is worth. A few days ago, Bebe Cool learnt something he had never witnessed from his wife over the 20 years they have been together.

The Zuena pastries proprietor refused to send her husband money at a time he needed it the most.

Bebe Cool with Zuena

“The day we buried BMK, I left the burial grounds so hungry because I hadn’t eaten anything all day. We found a place but I didn’t have any coin on me. I therefore called Zuena to send me Shs80,000 for four people but surprisingly, she told me she doesn’t have money,” Bebe Cool said at DJ Emma’s funeral.

With this reply, Bebe Cool was forced to remind his wife that since it has always been him buying food at home for the past couple of years, she should find any means possible to send him the money. She eventually did.