How Social Media Is Exposing The Dark Side Of People’s Favourite, Faridah Nakazibwe

There is an English Idiom which goes; Never Judge a book by its cover!

When you talk of Faridah Nakazibwe, most NTV viewers will describe her as a humble and calm female presenter but their perception could be wrong.

Social media has exposed her other dark side in may ways; A person who likes waging wars on others, disrespectful, proud and not apologetic.





In April, the parliament awarded Member of Parliaments 20m as facilitation for their COVID-19 activities. This was  criticized by most Ugandans who accused the MPs of greed.

By that time president Museveni had declared abrupt lockdown and most Ugandans were starving indoors.

Faridah rushed to Twitter and hurled heavy words at the speaker by saying she was used and discarded like Ngabo condom.




Waging wars:

Keeping Ugandans entertained and somehow forget about the lockdown, NTV and NBS TV entered a direct competition where viewers were to decide which station has the best entertainment show on Saturday night; NTV Dance Party or NBS SNL.

As the battle heated up Faridah picked on NBS TV ‘UnCut’ co-presenter, Zahara Totto, insinuated that she puts on second hand clothes and compared her attire with NTV ‘The Beat’s’ Lynda Ddane by posting two photos.

Proud And not Apologetic:

In October 2016, Umaru Ssali wedded Faridah Nakazibwe in a low budget and secretive ceremony in Dubai.

After few months, Faridah started accusing former NTV workmate, Justine Nameere of trying to tear her marriage apart claiming she was sending her hubby messages.

In 2018, Faridah went public and shared a post on her Facebook page pinning Nameere of opening up face Facebook accounts and sending her hubby messages.

Nakazibwe’s post accusing Nameere of trying to wreck her marriage




The matters went to police and court. During court, the pair were asked to have a mediation after Faridah failed to produce evidence pinning Nameere.

According to Nameere, as the mediation went on, Faridah apologised to her and revealed it was her husband, Umaru Ssali who was creating fake accounts and sending himself messages.

Nameere said Faridah told her that after discovering the truth, she ended her relationship with Ssali.

Nameere told Faridah that a private apology was not enough since most people had judged her a jealous person and marriage wrecker.

She asked Faridah to post on Facebook and tell people the truth. Since then Faridah has never retracted statement on Facebook.

Yesterday, Nameere who is the victim of circumstance instead went public and forgave Faridah.

Watch Justine Nameere narrating Faridah-Ssali story: