Hon Ssegirinya reveals his worst moment in prison

April 14, 2023

Kawempe North Member of Parliament Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya has revealed his worst moment in prison.

Ssegirinya was imprisoned in 2021 alongside fellow members of Parliament Hon Allan Ssewanyana.

The two were arrested on allegations of murders that were happening in Masaka where people were chopped into pieces with pangas.

For one and a halft years Ssegirinya Muhammad and Allan Ssewanyana spent in prison, they experienced so much and not all they experienced was good.

For Ssegirinya, being in prison environment only is torturous enough for anyone that is their. He said once one is behind bars, all their freedom is taken away and no connection to the world and family.

“The prison environment is akin to a death trap, not only because it physically confines individuals, but also because it severs their connections with loved ones. Despite having visitors, the barrier of bars prevents meaningful contact,”-Muhammad Ssegirinya

But the worst moment for him was when it came to sleeping. The number of bedbugs in the premises were overwhelming and according to Ssegirinya he thinks thdyare genetically modified.

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Hon Ssegirinya said he will be helping prisons with pesticides once he gets his fianances in order.

“Prisons are infested with genetically modified bed bugs. As one of the former inmates, I strongly believe that those who are still in prison deserve better treatment. Hence, I wish to bring back some pesticides to eradicate these bed bugs,” Muhammad Ssegirinya