Hon Muhammad Nsereko to keep looking after Kato Lubwama’s children as promised

July 11, 2023

Kampala Central member of Parliament Hon Muhammad Nsereko has vowed to keep looking after the late Kato Lubwama’s children as promised.

When Kato Lubwama was still alive, he was best friends with Hon Muhammad Nsereko. The two used to meet, have fun and even speak deeply about their lives.

Although Kato Lubwama was having some sickness, his death was very abrupt. He was perfectly fine during the day but was hit by a heart attack which he didn’t survive from.

He left young children behind that he was always working hard for. But Hob Muhammad Nsereko being his best friend, he decided to take on the responsibility of the children.

During the burial he promised the children that as long as he lives, he will make sure they are very fine and have all the necessities their father used to give them.

In a recent interview, Hon Muhammad Nsereko said he doesn’t just speak. Kato Lubwama was very close to him and all he said is going to be fullfilled.

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He said children’s school fees are going to be paid on time and even the projects Kato Lubwama left behind will be completed.

“I don’t just speak for the sake, Kato Lubwama was my best friend. I promised to take care of his family and in my ability I am going to make sure everything I promised is delivered. As long as I am alive, his children will have whatever they want until they are big enough to start their own families,” Hon Muhammad Nsereko said