HE WAS MADLY IN LOVE: Family Discovers Love Letters Nsamba Henry Wrote To Spice Diana

July 12, 2022
Spice Diana (L), Nsamba Henry (R)

Spice Diana (L), Nsamba Henry (R)

The family of Nsamba Henry, the upcoming singer who was killed next to Hajara Namukwaya aka Spice Diana’s home has revealed proof that their son really knew the singer.

Nsamba Henry succumbed to injuries sustained from beatings last week and died at Mulago hospital.

Word from Salama Road has it that Nsamba Henry climbed Spice Diana’s fence around 10am and entered her bedroom.

L-R: Dad Johnson Matovu, Spice Diana and the late Nsamba Henry
L-R: Dad Johnson Matovu, Spice Diana and the late Nsamba Henry

The security guards beat him up and threw him outside Spice Diana’s gate. Other people beat him in form of mob justice before police picked him up.

The postmortem report reveals that Nsamba was hit with a blunt object on the head and had his arm broken. He was buried in Bunamwaya.

His family members have dismissed allegations that Nsamba was a thief and insist Spice Diana and her manager, Roger Lubega knew him well.

They say Nsamba was in contact with Roger Lubega and wanted to record a collabo with Spice Diana.

Lubega Roger with Spice Diana
Lubega Roger with Spice Diana

As the family seeks justice for their son, Johnson Matovu, the father to the deceased 27-year-old narrated that Nsamba’s ghost directed him to a secret briefcase he kept in his room.

When he wake up, he asked his children to go to Nsamba’s room and find a suitcase and break it open.

Upon opening the suitcase, they found love letters which had been written by the deceased and photos of him when he was still young.

Matovu said that they discovered two books full of love letters from the deceased to Spice Diana.

In one letter dated 18th, September, 2021, Nsamba emphasized, “Spice, I love you so much and this you should know, just the way you said you love me, I will also never stop loving you.”

“Spice Diana, she loves me, I love her.” another letter read.

Some of the lover letters discovered from the late Nsamba Henry’s house

As the police still waits for the file from the office of the State Attorney, we can authoritatively say Nsamba Henry had a crush on Spice Diana.