HE USED TO VIBE HER AT NIGHT! Kayanja Accuses Mao Of Misleading His Wife, Beatrice Into Divorce

December 28, 2021
Beatrice Kayanja with Norbert Mao

Beatrice Kayanja with Norbert Mao

In December 2020, we published a story of UK-based Ugandan businessman, Martin Kayanja accusing Democratic Party (DP) president, Norbert Mao of snatching his wife, Beatrice Kayanja.

Kayanja said Beatrice came to Uganda in March 2020 and got stuck because of the lockdown.

She decided to try her luck in politics and was declared DP Kampala lord mayor flag bearer but later dropped out of the race.

Beatrice Kayanja pulled out of the race on DP ticket

She started traversing the country campaigning with Mao. On campaigns, she was always besides Mao as if she was his wife. To Kayanja, Mao’s acts were disrespectful and discrediting his marriage.

She is now acting as Mao’s research assistant.

Kayanja recorded a video pleading with Mao to leave his wife alone. He asked Beatrice to return home and raise their four children but all this fell on deaf ears.

As we speak, Beatrice Kayanja filed for divorce at the Family Court in Makindye in bid to resolve her marriage with Martin Kayanja.

Kayanja married Beatrice in 2004 after she separated from the father of her first three children, court documents indicated. 

Beatrice Kayanja with husband, Martin Kayanja

Kayanja said he was willing to dissolve their marriage because it has irretrievably broken down. He, however, denied allegations of drunkenness, cruelty and belittling Beatrice in public. 

He accuses Mao of misleading his wife into divorce. Kayanja revealed that Mao used to call his wife (Beatrice) at night before she returned to Uganda from the UK where she was living. 

I told Beatrice to tell Mao to call at reasonable hours and not those designated for the family, in vain


This forced Kayanja to send a voice recording to Mao, cautioning him about it.

Kayanja argues that Beatrice calling herself the research assistant was a cover for their extra-marital relationship. Kayanja said Beatrice is an amateur in politics and does not have any experience in any research-related work. 

High Court Judge Ketra Katunguka set April 4 next year to hear the case.

Mao with ex-wife, Naome

It should be noted that Mao is now a free agent after officially divorced his former wife, Naomi Acheng Odongoin June 2019.

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