Hassan Ndugga Finally Out Of Jail

January 7, 2022
Hassan Ndugga

Hassan Ndugga

Kadongo Kamu singer, Hassan Ndugga has been released from administrative detention in South Africa where he has been for almost two months.

Ndugga was arrested in November last year for not having proper documents that permits him to stay in Cyril Ramaphosa’s land.

He was arraigned before court but he had no lawyer and not even a relative who would stand in for him.

After the court session, he was taken to administrative detention. He was again paraded before court for the second hearing but lawyers failed to secure him bail.

South African-based Ugandan music promoter Twaha Musa started fundraising to get money to hire him a lawyer and finally his efforts paid off.

Hassan Ndugga chilling in South Africa
Hassan Ndugga chilling in South Africa

Hassan Ndugga is finally out. Speaking for the first time since his release, Ndugga revealed that he was given 30 days to stay in South Africa but soon will be back in Uganda.

We have been told that Ndugga now resides at his brother’s crib.

Hassan Ndugga’s woes:

Hassan Ndugga woes started during the first lockdown in March 2020. He had borrowed dime from money lenders to stage concerts in the villages but due to president Museveni’s directive on banning gatherings, Ndugga found himself in trouble.

In bid to get quick fix, he quit National Unity Platform (NUP) and joined NRM. He later quit NRM after accusing Bebe Cool of chewing his dime.

As a hustler, Ndugga turned a witch doctor and set up a shrine in Masaka but stuff didn’t work out. He jumped on a bus and fled to South Africa for greener pastures.