Hamis Kiggundu Signs Mega Deal With FC Bayern Munich

Hamis Kigundu hosted FC Bayern Munich officials at his newly opened offices in kakungulu

Hamis Kigundu hosted FC Bayern Munich officials at his newly opened offices in kakungulu

City tycoon, Hamis Kiggundu populary known as Ham has scooped a mega franchise deal to construct a sports complex in Uganda for German Bundesliga giants, FC Bayern Munich.

Ham hosted FC Bayern Munich officials this week and took them to Mbale District where he plans to construct a state of the art sports complex.

We have been informed that the Germans signed paper work that will pave way for the first payment in the multibillion deal that will see Ham construct a fully fledged sports complex, with a soccer academy.

Bayern officials in Mbale

The Bayern sports complex idea in Uganda was initiated by city socialite, Honest Reagan Kavuma aka Champagne Papi, who acquired lease and constructed a football tuff in Munyonyo near Speke Resort named Bayern Arena.

Kavuma had an idea to approach FC Bayern Munich and bankroll him to promote the club in Uganda by setting up different sports complexes across the country.

Honest Reagan Kavuma aka Champagne Papi (R) initiated Bayern Sports Complex idea

Unfortunately, he suffered a huge financial set back after he was arrested in Dubai over fraud. When the Munyonyo lease expired, Hajji Abasi Lukwangu repossessed the facility and took over ownership and management of the tuff, before he leased it out to Ham.

An insider intimated to us that that’s where Ham borrowed the idea and since he is loaded and connected, he fronted Nakivubo, Bayern Arena – Munyonyo and another tuff in Akright Estate as proposed sites for construction of sports complexes but the Germans were not impressed hence securing land in Mbale.

It should be noted that Ham is still under fire to explain why the construction of Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium has taken long than he had promised.