Gym Trainer Left On Fire As 5Kg Bwaguuga Babe Asks Him For Stretch | VIDEO

January 10, 2022
Babe with 5kg Bwaguga stretched by gym trainer

Babe with 5kg Bwaguga stretched by gym trainer

Gym trainers are the luckiest lads in this world, they feed their eyes with optical nutrition on daily basis thanks to female trainees flocking their gyms.

But this is not job for weak fainted lads, the temptation is too much as babes come donning yoga pants, flaunting their hot bodies.

Most trainers take advantage in disguise to helping them stretch.

But most babes also benefit from trainer’s help as most visit gyms to check out the well built trainers.

From the video making rounds on Tik Tok, a gym trainee can be seen enjoying the services of the gym trainer as she asks for him to help her stretch.

The stretch went well but what attracted netizens is the 5kg bwaguga the trainee is endowed with.

Watch video below: