Gravity Omutujju Apologises To Zuena, Still Bitter With Bebe Cool

July 23, 2020

Zuena Kirema found herself in trouble with local rapper, Gravity Omutujju after she told ‘Kappa Yo’ singer to stop blaming her hubby over a flopped song.

Gravity had went public and accused Bebe Cool of being jealous revealing that he recorded a song ‘Kelele’ with the Gagamel boss and refused to push it.

Gravity said he paid Bebe Cool a songwriter, studio fees but failed to appear at a video shoot after paying the producer.

Zuena intervened advised Gravity to stop blaming her hubby, Bebe Cool arguing the he failed to promote the song.

Bebe and Zuena

In his response, Gravity told Zuena to leave the issues of the music to the generals saying that she miserably failed musically.

In a new interview, Gravity said he is now in good terms with Zuena but he still disagrees with Bebe Cool who continues to beg from State house yet he is a rich man.

He also praised Zuena for putting up with Bebe Cool whom he calls toxic.

“We are friends and I like her for staying with Bebe Cool for all these years. She is a good marriage material,” he said when he was asked about his relationship with Zuena.