Grand P Replaces Curvaceous Eudoxie Yao With New Portable Bae | PHOTOS

July 26, 2021
Grand P

Grand P

A day after he was dumped by Ivorian singer and plus-size model Eudoxie Yao, Grand P wasted no time and he has showed off new bae.

This clearly demonstrates that neither of them was pleased in their marriage.

Taking to Instagram, where she has 1.6 million followers, Yao announced the news confirming her breakup from Guinean musician and tycoon Moussa Sandiana Kaba, popularly known as Grand P.

Grand P with ex-lover, Eudoxie Yao

“My babies, I am officially single, and I am going to focus on my music. Have a nice weekend,” she said. 

At one point Eudoxie Yao accused Grand P of kissing fans on the lips and this could be one of the reasons why she decided to throw in a towel.

“My fiancé Grand P, you claim you want me as your wife, but it is always you who kisses your fans on the mouth. At this rate, my parents may refuse the marriage. Pull yourself together because I know you love me,” said Yao.

Grand p appears to have found a new lady. We all know this man has a lot of money, so it won’t be difficult for him. We all know that women prefer to go where the money is. Even though he hasn’t told anyone, she appears to be his new girlfriend. However, he shared this photo on social media.

Grand P with new girlfriend

Grandpa is not a young man, as we all know. So, he needs to find someone of his age, but the issue is that they are all taller than he is.

It’s really uncommon to see a married man post another woman in this manner. Some people are relieved that his marriage is over, while others are disappointed.