GONE! Maria T Quits Galaxy FM

February 9, 2021

Maria T

It’s now official, Mariat Candace Nasasira aka Maria T has quit Galaxy FM.

Maria T who joined Galaxy FM in 2013, has been off air for over a month and today she took to her social media pages to officially confirm her departure from the Kansanga-based local station.

Mariat was a co-presenter of the morning program, Morning Saga and Country Lounge on Sundays.

Word has it that Mariat T asked for leave and introduced her hubby, Ssegawa on January 9th, 2021 but when she returned, she was told to wait as her replacement Precious Remmie of Spark TV was doing wonders.

Mariat with hubby, Ssegawa during the introduction ceremony

Over a month, she has been quiet but today she broke the silence and posted on Facebook, ”

Hey fam;
It’s been a minute! Muli bulungi? How’s Tweny Tweny one going?
Mine has been going well so far Alhamudililah! Today marks one month since I took my vows and officially became Mrs Ssegawa Mansha Allah.
But that’s not what this post is about. I have been receiving so many lovely messages about when I am getting back on air and I would like to address this here.
First of all, I am grateful to everyone of you that has always supported me in anyway…May Allah reward you. That being said I would like to inform you officially that I am nolonger an employee of GalaxyFm. I have been part of GalaxyFm since February 2013 as a Presenter and Programs Director and I am grateful to everyone of you that tuned into Morning Saga (Monday- Friday 6am-10am) and the Country Lounge (Sundays 10am-1pm)
I have some of you that have followed me right from the days at Urban TV (Skizzy show) Thank you for the love! Thank you for the support. I don’t take it for granted
I take time off to concentrate on my businesses and family though it’s not the end of the journey for me on the airwaves. I will be communicating when I get back on air In Sha Allah

Mr Mosh, too could find himself in trouble, Nalebo who used to do gossip also bounced back and filled in for him as he hunted for the Lord Councillor 5 seat – Makindye East III, Ggaba and Kansanga.

Since defeating his workmate, Denis Bbosa and others he has not returned on air, raising suspicion that he could leave too.