Geosteady Stings Prima’s Toy Boy Henry, Labels Him Poor, House Boy

Henry Danson with Prima Kardashi

Henry Danson with Prima Kardashi

Geosteady is still hurting from the fact that baby mama, Prima Kardashi moved on so fast and replaced him with new toy boy, Henry Danson.

In October last year, Prima Kardashi packed her belongings and left Geosteady in cold bed after ‘Ndi Wamululu’ singer told her he wanted space.

It did not take a fed up Prima a month, She started hanging out with Galaxy FM presenter, Henry Danson. At first they denied being in a relationship but after their bonking trip in Dubai in June, they confirmed romance.

Geosteady too, followed suit and showed off news bae, Hindu Kay.

Geosteady with new bae, Hindu Kay

Despite having new lovers, Geosteady and Prima keep bickering, a sign that they are not over each other yet.

Last month, Geosteady took to his Facebook page and lashed at Maama Lusaniya saying that she told him that he is disrespectful, a bad guy, doesn’t support people and fights her businesses.

In a rant, Geosteady says Prima labelled him ugly and told him that the two baby girls do not belong to him.

We were told that Henry took over dad’s responsibility from Geosteady and he is the one who picks kids from school, takes them out and end up in Prima’s slippery thighland.

This hurts Geosteady! Yesterday, ‘Ndi Wamululu’ singer attacked Henry in a Tweeted, labelling him poor and house boy.

Poor people love more coz all they have in their pockets is Love, make money bro don’t be a house boy rassss!!!!


Most netizens have been critical of Prima and Henry’s relationship claiming that the latter fell for Mama Lusaniya’s big wallet.

Geosteady told Prima to leave him alone and enjoy life with her new Toy boy and we urge him to leave the baby mama alone. She knows whats makes her happy.