FROM DM TO BED! Zari Stings Tanasha Donna, Slay Queens For Falling In Love Easily, Gives Them Warning

Zari Hassan has called out women who fall in love with strangers they barely know after meeting on social media. The mother of five advised women to be more cautious and take time to know their partners before starting a relationship.

“Nowadays you meet once and he starts to like you. The second day he slides into your DM, the third day you give him your number, the fourth day you are in his house and on the seventh day you move in. Eh, from DM to bedrooms. You might be moving in with a serial rapist, a murder–You just met via DM and you are already dating” Zari said during Instagram Live Session with her followers.

Many are speculating she was directing the message to Tanasha, who got pregnant for Diamond three months after they met. In previous interviews, Tanasha revealed that Diamond sent her a DM and that’s how they hooked up.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha

“He slide into my DM, we started talking. We exchanged numbers, i was single and he was too. So i went to Tanzania, he invited me as a friend. He was doing Wasafi Festival. Things happened quick and when we ere in Mantra that’s where the chemistry started”, Tanasha revealed how he fell in love with Diamond.

Tanasha and Diamond’s relationship didn’t last long. They started having issues six months before they broke up in March 2020. The mother of one accused her baby daddy of cheating.

“Still trying to see how we could make things work and then it got to a point where i feel like the other person has just lost interest and it’s not because of anything emotional i would say is not living up to certain expectations he had in the relationship. It’s nobody’s fault, everyone is the way they are and when you don’t live up to this person’s expectations for some people it is not easy to handle while some it’s okay. I would say that is where things started going down cos i wanted to be my own person and really wanted to be in relationship. When you love yourself, you’ll be able to love in a relationship. You will be able to love your family, your child so it starts with self love”