Former Good Lyfe Crew’s MC, MC Fish Reveals Hidden Secrets Why Weasel Manizo Can’t Settle With Women Neverland

October 7, 2020

Former Good Lyfe Crew’s MC, MC Fish has revealed secrets behind Radio and Weasel’s Makindye house, Neverland.

Fish who started working with the Good Lyfe Crew during Hi Table days, says the reason why Weasel has failed to marry at Neverland is the agreement he made with the late Mowzey Radio.

While conducting an interview with Bukedde Vibemix, MC Fish revealed that the Good Lyfe built Neverland for fun; bonking women and booze and nobody was allowed to marry from there.

It was this reason why Radio never stayed with the mother of his two children, Lilian Mbabazi at Neverland. Weasel, too never stayed with Samira but their babes used to come for a bonk and leave.

Radio and Weseal

When the late Mowzey Radio died, because of loneliness, Weasel decided to go against the agreement and brought Talia Kassim Katorogo.

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To MC Fish, he knew, she couldn’t stay at Neverland for long. As we speak, Weasel and Talia’s relationship is always on and off.

MC Fish also disclosed that when Radio died, his dogs at Neverland became and problem and he was forced to take them to Kagga where they buried him.

Watch video below: