Fille Mutoni To MC Kats: Apologise Or You Won’t Touch On My Article V Again

August 29, 2022
MC kats and Fille

MC kats and Fille

Fille Mutoni has told baby daddy, Edwin Katamba to apologise to her mum or forget touching on the article V of her constitution again.

Last week, MC Kats was filmed in a heated verbal exchange with the mother-in-law (Fille’s mum) as he demanded she hands over his child. MC Kats and Fille’s baby girl, Abby Kisakye lives with the mother-in-law.

Following years trying to secure her daughter’s custody in vain, MC Kats stormed mother-in-law’s home and threatened to drag her to court if she doesn’t hand over his daughter.

MC Kats went far and blasted the old lady that she has not helped him in anyway over the last 12 years before telling her that she hates her with passion.

The mother-in-law also told Kats that she hates her too in a heated argument that was captured on hidden camera. Netizens left wondering why Kats would be denied access to his child yet he is a caring father.

MC Kats with Fille

While speaking to the press, Fille Mutoni revealed that Kats is a caring father to all his children and she does not understand how the argument with her mother came up.

She noted that she is co-parenting well with the NBS TV presenter and that he can access his children at any time he wants to.

However, she trashed MC Kats’ claims that he owns the piece of land where her mother-in-law stays.

She disclosed that she has worked very hard for her family and that whatever she has, plus her mother’s plot of land, is from her own sweat.

Fille Mutoni then asked Kats to man up and apologize to her mother so that they can move on smoothly as one family or forgets about her article V.

It should be noted that MC Kats moved in with Bukedde TV presenter, Caroline Marcah after Fille dumped him. Recently, Kats and Fille has been so close and an insider intimated to us that the city emcee secretly touches on the singer’s article V.

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