Fille Mutoni Praise For MC Kats Leaves Caroline Marcah Restless

April 13, 2022
MC kats and Fille

MC kats and Fille

Singer, Fille Mutoni has left Caroline Marcah restless after telling the Bukedde TV ‘Oluyimba Lwo’ presenter that she holds a special place in MC Kats’ heart.

Fille and MC Kats bitterly parted ways in 2019 after the latter went public and revealed he was HIV positive. The singer accused MC Kats of not consulting her before dropping a bombshell.

After trying several times to win her back in vain, MC Kats moved on and started dating Caroline Marcah. But, MC Kats and Fille have a daughter, Abby Kisakye and last month they celebrated her 7th birthday together.

Fille and MC kats cutting cake with their daughter, Abby Kisakye

In a recent interview with a local Television, Fille said she is not in a relationship with MC Kats but they have a connection that will never fade away because of their daughter.

She took swipe at Marcah by saying that some ladies who come to MC Kats’ life always try to push her away without knowing that they will never replace her in Kats’ life.

Caroline Marcah and MC Kats

Me and MC Kats have a connection despite separating. I am friends with him for the sake of our daughter and no one will ever take my space in Kats’ heart. I hear some ladies saying they want to replace me but I am not replaceable. I don’t beef anyone and I don’t think I will ever put any lady down because of a man

Fille Mutoni

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