Feffe Bussi Ballooned And Chased Me – Slay Queen Leilah Pins The Smallest Rapper – WATCH VIDEO

Last month, Akankwansa Fiona accused Ragga-Dancehall singer, Baguma Crescent aka Beenie Gunter of impregnating and running away from his responsibilities as a father, but later they resolved issues.

Yesterday, a city slay queen, Leilah Namutebi took to her Facebook page and accused rapper, Frank Mukiiza alias Feffe Bussi of infecting her with deadly HIV AIDS but later, claimed her account was hacked and never posted such.

Today while appearing in an interview with Radio 4, Namutebi revealed that she was forced to abort five and a half months pregnancy after Feffe Bussi failed to take responsibility. Namutebi had sent 7 months with Feffe.

Leilah Namutebi

She narrated that she met Feffe at Casablanca bar in Kololo and started bonking. Few moths later, she found out that she was pregnant and told the self proclaimed ‘Smallest rapper’.

At first, Feffe seemed happy but later started tossing her around and even chased her from home.

Namutebi said she used to spend days at Feffe’s home but one day she came and Feffe told her, his girlfriend was in the house.

With that anger, the fact that Feffe was not looking after the pregnancy and she had been banished from home by her parents, she decided to abort.

She said that instead of Feffe giving her money, the ‘Who is Who’ singer used to beg her for dime even when she was pregnant.

Watch the video below: