Father In-Law Blasts Maulana, Narrates How He Confused His Daughter | VIDEO

April 7, 2022
Maulana and baby mama

Maulana and baby mama

Earlier this week, baby mama went public and revealed she was leaving Maulana Kasozi’s bed citing domestic violence from the comedian.

Baby mama and Maulana sired 3 children in a space of 4-years but the comedian seems to be blinded by the city slay queens.

The lady says a year after she had moved in with Maulana, the comedian married another wife. Since then he has been beating her like a cow and even threatened to kill her.

After returning back home, her dad blasted Maulana for lack of focus and plan. He questioned how the pair managed to produce three children in a space of 4 years.

Maulana (L) with Reign (R)

Father in-law revealed that Maulana used to come to his home to repair electricity and started confusing his daughter who was in S4 vacation by then.

The girl wanted to drop out of school but he forced her to complete S.6 which was a hustle as Maulana couldn’t give her breathing space.

After completing S.6, Maulana came home and convinced the dad that he was going to foot her tuition at campus, unfortunately, she never stepped there.

Dad says his daughter would even pick food from his home and wondered where was Maulana allocating the money he makes from comedy.

In bid to improve their well being, father in-law gave Maulana a car but doesn’t know where he put it.

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