Fatboy Quits Sanyu FM, Replaced By Comedian Patrick Salvado

James Onen”Fatboy” has quit Sanyu FM after 21 years of service.

The controversial Fatboy who has been hosting Sanyu FM’s morning program ‘The Breakfast Show’ decided to throw in a towel after management announced its new revised salary renumeration due to CoVid 19 crisis.

After notifying employees of 25% salary reduction, most Sanyu FM staff members rejected the directive and on June 5th, the managing director resolved to meet them today but Fatboy did not wait for the meeting and threw in a towel.

He took to Facebook and posted “21 years. The ride is over. Thanks for the support all these years; you’re the best fans in the world. Will communicate future plans soon. In the meantime, ladies, I’m coming for some transport money”. #SavetheBoyChild 

When asked what happened on Twitter, Faboy replied “I was fired from Sanyu FM”.


He posted:


Meanwhile, Sanyu FM has hired comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado who will be driving the show Monday to Friday 6-10am.

Salvado has radio experience having worked with Capital FM for three years before resigning in March 2014 over continued absenteeism due to International Comedy show gigs.

Salvado will be hosting the Breakfast Show

Since Pandemic Coronavirus started, many companies have reduced salaries and reduce on the number of employees as a result of financial difficulties.

Mots media houses in Uganda; Vision Group, Nations Media Group already announced salary cuts as a result of Coronavirus.

Read Fatboy’s post below:

It’s been 21 years for you, and I guess 9 years for me – listening in.
You have attracted the same level of love and hate – I mean some who started as your haters turned into your biggest fans and some of your biggest fans turned into your “haters”.
But you know what ? That never mattered to you – you woke up each morning and did this thing the best way you knew it. And that’s what made you the Fatboy we came to know!
In a society where people choose the easy route – say what people want to hear, be careful not to offend people – you chose never to conform.
Some of the most stimulating debates on morning show radio have happened in this Industry because of you.
I look back to when Sanyu Breakfast Show Facebook group was the most powerful group in Uganda – the debates and banter that took place there …I remember when y’all the morning presenters at Sanyu woke up and we had kicked you off as Admins from the company page ….anyway that was before the group turned into a garbage collection point of vileness.
I remember the Sanyu FM end of year parties and how people hustled to get an invite..how people beefed for not getting an invite 
I remember the couple’s we know who met and are now married thanks to YOUR breakfast show – those were the good times mahn.
I call it YOUR show because you have been the consistent face in it – when those you started with left you chose to remain. Others are saying it’s lack of ambition but I am sure you know well why you choose to stay.
I could go and talk about Alive and Kicking and the platform it gave to many people to be heard for their opinions – right or wrong , Ignorant or intelligent.
Thanks for waking up each morning and just going out and making many of your fans fall in love with morning Radio.
Thanks for never letting the noise drown you – because if there is someone in Uganda media landscape who gets bashed at all fronts it’s been you Fatboy.
Thanks for serving us rawness, thanks for serving us the uncomfortable truth. At times the society needs your kind to balance it out.
Sadly while we expected that one day you will have to hang your boots – I expected you to bow better or be pushed out with dignity. But we they say it’s all fair in love and war.
You rode your wave and you did it so well.
I respect you for that
I remain your most loyal fan, groupie, minion or whatever .
Thanks for making that breakfast show what it is !
It’s been a good run James Onen.
Whatever your next move or stop all the best.