EXCLUSIVE: Source Of Nasty Beef Between Ray G, Ex Lover, Liz Akunda Namara Unearthed | AUDIO

December 22, 2021
Liz Akunda Namara, Ray G and Annabell

Liz Akunda Namara, Ray G and Annabell

Hours after Mbarara-based singer, Ray G and his wife, Annabell who works for TV West lost their new born baby, Liz Akunda Namara took to Facebook to celebrate.

Unapologetically, Liz told Reagan Muhairwe aka Ray G that he will cry until he leaves this world and vowed that she will never rest until he pays for her wasted years and money.

After reading the mean words from Liz, our snoops hit the field to unearth the source of nasty beef between Ray G and Liz. We discovered that Liz was Ray G’s fiancee but he betrayed her and married her close friend, Annabell Twinomugisha.

A close friend to Liz who preferred anonymity, gave us an exclusive intel of what transpired and branded Ray G heartless.

She says that Ray G and Liz started dating at the end of 2016. By that time, Liz was on Kyeyo and Ray G had nothing and was living with his manager.

Liz Akunda Namara

He funded his music career, rented him a house and bought all the house hold items after Ray G went to her mum and convinced her that he was going to marry Liz.

She says that Ray G proposed to Liz and this convinced her that they had future together. She started sending her hard earned money from Kyeyo to Ray G and bought a plot of land, farm, banana plantation and cows.

She says that the car Ray G drives was bought by Liz.

In 2019, Ray G told Liz that after his concert ‘Ray G Live in Concert’ that took place at Agip Motel, he was going to wed her.

Ray G (M) performing at his concert in 2019

He asked Liz to leave her job and stay home as house wife. He harassed her that he wanted a child, unfortunately she suffered two miscarriages.

By that time Ray G’s wife, Annabell was Liz’s friend and she used to spend more time at her place.

Behind her back, ‘Omusheshe’ hitmaker started eating Annabell. When rumour started circulating, Liz asked her and she denied.

When Annabell got pregnant, she she refused to abort because her dad is a reverend.

Two weeks after suffering a second miscarriage, Ray G told Liz that he was going to Kampala to shoot a music video, only to watch him on TV visiting Annabell’s parents. This was followed by the introduction and wedding.

Ray G at his wedding with Annabell

Liz was shocked and embarrassed. She suffered mental breakdown and started drinking heavily. She cut communication with her friends that had warned her not to trust Ray G and decided to return to Dubai for Kyeyo.

With no shame, Liz’s friend told us that Ray G married Annabell in Liz’s sweat and that’s the reason she will never forgive them.

More intel is coming. Soon we shall bring to you exclusive from betrayed Liz Akunda Namara.