EXCLUSIVE: Inside Info In Rabadaba – Maggie Kaweesi bitter Split

October 19, 2022
Rabadaba and Maggie Kaweesi

Rabadaba and Maggie Kaweesi

Yesterday, Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi posted on her Snapchat accusing hubby, Faizal Seguya aka Rabadaba of using her for his hidden agendas.

Rabadaba started dating Maggie towards the end of 2020 after the latter parted ways with singer, Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade.

The pair became serious and started talking about marriage. At the beginning of June 2022, Maggie converted to Rabadaba’s religion (Islam) and took the the name, Salha.

On June 11, Maggie introduced Rabadaba to her parents in Butambala- Katabi. On the same day, the pair wedded in Islam tradition known as Nikah.

Raba who was staying in Muyenga, shifted and moved into Maggie’s house in Munyonyo. As a guy on the mission, weeks after Nikah, he ballooned her.

Rabadaba and Maggie Kaweesi

Since Maggie had a job and citizenship in the UK, she processed travel documents and took Rabadaba to England. It should be noted that all along Rabadaba wanted to go to England but failed to secure visa.

In October 2011, Rabadaba wedded and ballooned Sheila Ferguson who had UK citizenship. He thought he had gotten a soft landing, unfortunately her family rejected him.

Rabadaba with Sheila Ferguson on their wedding day in 2011

After learning that Maggie was nursing a broken heart after bitter split from Grenade, Rabadaba who was struggling musically and financially took advantage of her.

After jetting in the UK, Raba felt the mission was complete and started showing his true colours to Maggie. She says he started beefing her mum and stopped talking to her 3 months back.

When Maggie’s sister came to the UK, Raba started acting strange and did not even say bye to her yet she was the one doing house chores.

To Maggie, ‘Mukyamu’ singer doesn’t like working, changed his phone password, likes sleeping and always in the gym.

Maggie says Rabadaba never loved and married her in bid to go to London. When they got misunderstandings, he told her that she can file for divorce but he won’t leave London.

Since they wedded in Uganda, Maggie thought she could only file for divorce in Uganda but her lawyer told her she can do it in the UK.

As we speak, Maggie is contemplating divorce.

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