EXCLUSIVE: How Kampala Escort Girls Are Making Monthly Salaries In A Day

April 29, 2022
Escort Girls

Escort Girls

As most graduates are struggling to get jobs, Kampala Escort Girls who are pocketing monthly salaries in just a day.

Our team managed to go undercover and we discovered that most city babes are in lucrative Escort business which is now booming online.

We can authoritatively say that office jobs are overrated. City babes are killing it bu offering services to clients without hassle.

To date and successfully chew a middle class babe, one needs to cough 1m and above in dates, gifts, calls, time among many other things.

The escort girls came in as a quick fix to sort busy workers who might not have time to date or spend on babes they are not even sure of chewing.

We have discovered that they are more than 20 websites advertising escort babes. All they need is uploading their attractive photos, write a small biography and provide a phone number.

Some even state prices depending on hours, in and out calls.

On top of offering chau, these babes offer massage and extra services men would love to experience in a life time.

Our snoops discovered that an average escort charges not less than 100k per hour but most chaps can’t even play 90 minutes. Meaning she can wreck in not less than 500k per day which is equivalent to most Ugandan’s monthly salaries.

The advantage with their service is that you can have access to each race and nationality with ease. What matters is the money.

Babes aside, men do also offer services.