Excited Varsity Babe Shows Off Kapa As She Jams To Kenzo’s Song | VIDEO

April 11, 2022
Varsity babe

Varsity babe

Easter break excitement has left students into total frenzy especially University slayers who have a whole week holiday before they come back to battle courseworks.

Some are already practicing strokes as they plot to comb to city night spots while others plan to trek home.

Since many be idle, one excited babe from yet to be identified campus has brought Easter celebrations nearer by dropping a video jamming to Eddy kenzo’s ‘Tweyagale’ song.

As she jammed to the song, the young slayer intentionally showed off her small Kapa but some netizens approved her efforts for visiting the bush.


Visiting the bush is not for the heart-fainted and that’s why most babes got nothing to show but some who over do it have found themselves in trouble.

Yesterday, US-based socialite, Sheila Nadege aka Don Zella revealed that her new Zungu sponsor asked her to go for surgery to reduce her ropes.