Etania Mutoni Coils Behind Door As She Hides From Zari | VIDEO

March 31, 2022
Etania Mutoni and Zari

Etania Mutoni and Zari

NTV ‘Dance Party’ co-host, Etania Mutoni had to take cover behind the door as fellow slay queens rushed to take selfies after Zari made unexpected appearance.

Days after Netflix premiered its inaugural African reality show entitled Young, Famous & African which featured Zari, Diamond Platnumz, Nadia Nakai, Swanky Jerry, Andile Ncube, Kayleigh Schwark among others, Etania Mutoni rushed to her Snapchat and trashed the Bosslady.

She stated that South Africa based Ugandan socialite acted ghetto. 

Zari claims she’s a queen but acts so GHETTO

Etania Mutoni

Her words attracted Zari’s army online who blasted and accused her of being jealous.

Weeks after her statement, Zari jetted into the country and happened to storm yet to be identified place where Etania happened to be.

As fellow slayers rushed to take selfies with Mama Tee, Etania Mutoni who was afraid of the Bosslady took cover behind the door.

Etania Mutoni

One of her buddies who was filming, turned the camera and exposed her. She was coiling behind the door as a kid hiding from parents not be caned.

Watch video below:

Etania is jolly but at the same time she seem to like wars.

In February, Ssenga Acid exposed her for badmouthing fellow NTV employee, Lynda Ddane and plotting to get her fired and take over her gig on NTV ‘The Beat’.

Lynda Ddane was hurt but their workmate, Tina Teise managed to reconcile them on International Women’s day.

Etania is hardworking! Apart from NTV gig, she runs liquor store, The Liquor Mart located on Kisasi Bahai Road. She also promotes nights in bars around town.

For the boyfriend, we can’t tell. The last time we heard, she had dumped Team No Sleep (TNS) boss, Jeff Kiwa and ran away with DJ Slick Stuart.

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