Eric Omondi V Khaligraph Jones Beef-Boxing Match Date Cofirmed

January 22, 2021

Eric Omondi and Khaligraph Jones

The self made King of comedy, Eric Omondi has once again made headlines after posting on Instagram that he wants to challenge Brian Ouko, aka Khaligraph Jones in a boxing match, which will be held on 27th next month.

The comedian seems to create a beef with Khaligraph after gaining his muscular physique in less than a year.

Khaligraph Jones

After his transformation Journey, Eric revealed that netizens have been asking him to share the secret behind his impressive transformation.

In an interview,  ‘The King of Comedy’ reveals that he embarked on his fitness journey sometime in February last year. According to him, eating more, coupled with regular work out sessions has helped him.

Eric Omondi

“Naturally, I hate food and I have very poor eating habits so I was ingesting, not eating. I was on a mission and it takes a lot of discipline to move from 47kgs to 72kgs. I had even begun a community, ‘skinny people united’ which I have since left but it takes a lot of discipline and time and that is why from January to February, I kind of disappeared from the public scene”

In an Instagram Post, Eric says that after the fight, there will be respect among both of them.

”27th February!!! Kitaeleweka!!! Madharau itaisha na heshima itadumu…”

Date confirmed

Will this match really happen or is this just another one of Eric’s strategies of enticing netizens?

I don’t know about you, but I’m placing my bet on the OG!