ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Weasel’s Bae, Sadra Teta Tells Off Nosy Mama Ghetto, Daniella

August 16, 2022
Sandra Teta and Weasel Manizo

Sandra Teta and Weasel Manizo

Weasel Manizo’s baby mama, Sandra Teta has told Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim and Bucha Man’s bae, Mama Ghetto to leave her family alone.

Last month, Pictures of Sandra Teta with a swollen face leaked online, which sparked off anger among concerned people and demanded justice.

Teta tried to play it cool by claiming she was attacked by robbers on her way from work, but a workmate from Nomad Bar on Ggaba road, dismissed her claims and confirmed that Weasel Manizo thumped her.

Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim who resides in the US also shared photos of a battered Teta and disclosed that her brother-in-law, Weasel thumped the baby mama in December.

Jose Chameleone and Daniella
Jose Chameleone and Daniella

Daniella did not stop there, she teamed up with Bucha Man’s wife, Mama Ghetto and opened a case at police against Weasel Manizo. She also started a campaign on social media against Gender based violence.

Bucha Man and Mama Ghetto
Bucha Man and Mama Ghetto

Teta’s parents got concerned and jetted in Uganda from Rwanda to take their daughter back home. Successfully, Teta flew back to Rwanda last week together with her two children.

Yesterday, an audio of Weasel telling Bucha Man to tell his wife, Mama Ghetto to leave his family matters leaked online. Weasel warned Bucha Man that he will sue his Mama Ghetto for defamation if she doesn’t pull out from his family matters.

Weasel telling Bucha Man to control his wife, Mama Ghetto

Today, Sandra Teta also followed up the matter, asked Daniella Atim and Mama Ghetto to let her handle her family matters before telling them that enough is enough.

She tanked Deniella for the concern but she feels, the matter has been blown out of proportion.

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