Eddy Kenzo Vanishes From Zex Bilangilangi’s Party After Seeing Bobi Wine

June 9, 2022
Bobi Wine and Eddy Kenzo

Bobi Wine and Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo last night vanished in thin air during Zex Bilangilangi’s ‘Hercules 10 Times’ Album listeners party at Exo Lounge.

Hercules 10 Times Album features Jose Chameleone, Winnie Nwagi, Weasel Manizo among others.

The Big Talent CEO honoured Zex‘s invitation and arrived early at the party. He greeted fellow artists and chilled behind on his phone.

Zex's Hercules 10 Times Album artwork
Zex’s Hercules 10 Times Album artwork

Few minutes later, Bobi Wine and his entourage comprised of; Nubian Li, Eddy Mutwe, Banjo Man, Dax Vibes stormed the venue amid cheers from the revelers.

Eddy Kenzo did not wait for a second to share the same spot with Bobi Wine, he excused himself as if going to answer a phone call and vanished in thin air.

Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo

Bobi Wine Vs Eddy Kenzo Beef:

In August 2020, Eddy Kenzo accused Bobi Wine of sabotaging big artists and taking himself as a small god before labeling the NUP principal a fool.

In October 2019, after almost two months in the US, Kenzo returned home and expected Bobi Wine to welcome him at the airport. By that time, there was a lot of talk in town after Kenzo’s baby mama, Rema Namakula did unthinkable and introduced Dr. Hamza Sebunya.

Unfortunately, the People Power supremo turned him down which annoyed Kenzo. In retaliation, Kenzo met president Museveni.

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine

The war of words started with the ‘Sitya Loss’ hitmaker accusing the Ghetto Gladiator of hosting meetings and ordering his online army to abuse him.

When war escalated, Ireland-based People Power fanatic, Kojja Omugezi called Eddy Kenzo. In a conversation, Kenzo said he sent Bobi Wine messages on WhatsApp and never got a reply.

Seething with anger, Eddy Kenzo said Bobi Wine was on mission to destroy big artists and remain superior. He cited the case where Jose Chameleone, Ronald Mayinja, Geoffrey Lutaaya and wife went to People Power for endorsement and Bobi Wine ignored them and decided to post Kabako on his social media pages instead.

He labeled him a fool and vowed to exit Uganda if Bobi Wine wins the presidential seat.

Listen to Eddy Kenzo’s conversation below:

Eddy Kenzo’s conversation with Kojja Omugezi

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