Eddy Kenzo Hides As Lydia Jazmine Reveals His Bedroom Secrets To Revelers | VIDEO

April 18, 2022
Eddy Kenzo with Lydia Jazmine

Eddy Kenzo with Lydia Jazmine

There was a rumour that Lydia Jazmine and Eddy Kenzo were an item and it was among the reasons as to why Rema Namakula left.

When Eddy Kenzo abandoned Rema in their Seguku mansion and rented in Buziga, he was always spotted with Lydia Jazmine and Pia Pounds.

Eddy Kenzo and Pia Pounds

Rema fans reached to the extent of attacking them on their social media pages, accusing the two songstresses of wrecking ‘Siri Muyembe’ singer’s marriage.

All that came to pass after Rema made a decision, moved on and introduced Doctor, Hamza Sebunya.

in November 2021, Rema and Hamza welcomed a bouncing baby girl, Aaliyah Ssebunya.

Few years down the road, Lydia Jazmine seems to have confirmed the rumour and left revelers whispering.

As she performed ‘Kapeesa’, Eddy Kenzo joined her on stage and immediately she changed the flow of the song and started singing ‘alina ogupeesa’, ‘olina ogupeesa’ (he has big button, you have a big button), which prompted Kenzo to hide behind the stage as revelers cheered on.

Watch the video below:

Netizens have rushed to a conclusion that Eddy Kenzo must have cultivated in Lydia Jazmine’s slippery garden questioning how the ‘Masuka’ singer came to know about Kenzo’s big button.

Both Lydia jazmine and Eddy Kenzo are free agents and have no known lovers.