Eddy Kenzo finally comments about producer Didi’s struggling life

April 26, 2023

Big Talent CEO and Grammy nominee Eddy Kenzo original name Edirisa Musuuza has commented about producer Didi’s struggling life.

Didi is one of the producers that made Eddy Kenzo a super star. As he was struggling trying to make it in life, Didi made for him hit songs that put him to the top of his career.

For Eddy Kenzo he kept on his toes and moved forward in his career after the hit songs, but unfortunately, Didi couldn’t go forward.

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He chose to focus on the drugs which ended his career and he went back to the village to start a life their which hasn’t been easy.

According to Eddy Kenzo, he has ner with Didi and had a conversation with him. He said he extended his relief hand as much as he can but Didi’s problems are more than money.

Eddu Kenzo said in order to help Didi, the whole music industry has to put in a hand and make sure that he gets back on his feet very sober.

“I have met Didi I know he helped me get where I am today and I want him to be on his toes. I talked to him, I gave him what I could afford but the truth is that his problems are beyond just money. He need the whole music industry to work together to make sure he gets back to his normal life sober,” Eddy Kenzo said in an interview with a YouTuber